Custom Compliance Rule Groups

Create custom rule groups for different sets of workers

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By default, all workers are assigned to the default company rule group. If the situation arises that specific sets of workers require different compliance rules to the default then this can be handled by creating custom compliance rule groups.

  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator access

Main Menu > Compliance > 'Custom Rule Groups'

Create new custom rule group

  1. Select 'Custom Rule Groups'

  2. Click on 'Add Custom Group' link

  3. Name your Custom Rule Group

  4. You can choose to populate your new rule group with the current company compliance rules OR populate with the standard SocialSchedules default rules (deselct the checkbox to choose the later option).

Assign workers to custom rule group

Once you have created your new custom rule group you need to assign workers to it in order for the rules to come into effect.

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