Assign Workers to Compliance Rule Groups

Ensure workers are covered by the right compliance rules

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Once enabled, a compliance rule applies to all workers in the company network. There are two ways that a worker can be excluded from the default company compliance rules:

  1. A worker can be made 'exempt' from all compliance rules

  2. A worker can be assigned to a 'custom rule group'

This article explains how to perform both of those actions.


  1. Administrator access

Bulk assignment via the network

  1. Navigate to the company Network

  2. Select the workers you need to take action on

  3. Select the 'Bulk Actions' > 'Assign compliance group' menu option

  4. Select desired compliance rule group from the list

  5. Choose effective date (see section below for details)

Individual assignment via worker profile

  1. Navigate to Worker Profile > 'Compliance' tab

  2. Select desired compliance rule group from the list

  3. Choose effective date (see section below for details)

Manage exempt workers

Workers can be excluded from all compliance rules by assigning them into the 'Exempt' category.

Effective dating of compliance changes

Once you have made a change to a worker's compliance rule group you will be asked to select the effective date for the change (from a list of the last four workweeks). When the new effective date is selected then compliance rules will be recalculated for the selected workers from the effective date onwards. Be aware that compliance warnings and associated costs in both scheduled shifts and timecards can change as a result of all compliance rules being recalculated.

Network visibility of compliance groups

The 'Compliance Group' column allows you to see at a glance from the network page the compliance group assigned to each worker. Additionally, the 'Compliance' filter allows you to filter the network based on worker's assigned compliance group.


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