Use the Scheduler to create, manage, and view employee shifts

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Timecards are a record of hours worked

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Managing employees

Invite and manage employee profiles, including availability, certifications and access

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Locations and departments

Locations and departments are key to the set-up of your company within SocialSchedules

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General settings

General settings available within SocialSchedules including position color and start day or week

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Attendance and compliance

Configure attendance and compliance rulesets to comply with local labow laws

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Payroll and Point of Sale integrations

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SocialSchedules includes a number of reports to provide performance insights

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Distribute information and communicate with your employees via in-app communication features

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Account and Security

Account log-in support

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Desktop app for employees

Helpful information for employees using the desktop app

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Mobile app for managers

Manager features available on the SocialSchedules mobile app

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Mobile app for employees

Employee features available on the SocialSchedules mobile app

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Articles relating to SocialSchedules' custom delivery module, InhouseDelivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Demo Videos

High-level overviews: Scheduling and Attendance & Compliance

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