Holiday Rates

Compensate workers for working on public holidays

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Once you have setup the public holiday calendar for your company you can then enable the holiday rates compliance rule to apply a premium rate to time worked on holidays. The premium rate is applied as a percentage of the employees' base rate.

  1. Administrator access

Main Menu > Compliance > Holiday Rates

Enable Holiday Rates Rule
Set the penalty rate applied for time worked on public holidays. In the below example, time worked on a public holiday will be paid at 2.5 times the worker's base rate.

Setup Holiday Calendar
Assign the appropriate Holiday Calendar and dates for your location.

  1. Access by navigating to Main Menu > Public Holiday

  2. Click 'Add Public Holidays' link

  3. Select a Region, State or Territory to return calendar options.

  4. Choose from the results showing in the dropdown

  5. Select the location or locations the holiday calendar applies to.

  6. Save changes when done.

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