Delivery orders facilitated through the Inhouse Delivery solution are listed and managed in the Delivery Orders screen.


  1. Admin or Manager with an Inhouse Delivery subscription


Click on Main Menu > Delivery Orders


You can select any combination of filters to limit the list of orders to only those you're interested in.

  • Date (filter orders based on their order date. Selecting 'Today' will also return all active orders, including future scheduled orders.)

  • Locations (filter orders by their restaurant pick-up location. Managers must have access to a location in order to view orders for that location.)

  • Active Orders (toggling this 'on' will return only active orders - those which do not have a status of canceled or delivered)

Orders are sorted by the order time, with the most recent shown at the top.

Data is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds, or you can choose to refresh the screen at any time by clicking the Refresh icon in the top right hand corner.

Export Orders

Click the 'Export' icon to export the orders to CSV file format. Results are based on the filter settings applied; Date Range, Location and Order Status (Active or All)

Manage Delivery Settings

Click the 'Delivery Settings' icon to view the current Delivery Settings.

The following settings are available:

  • Prep Time - the current average time to prepare a food order.

  • Pick Up Alert - minutes past the ETA that a driver is late to pick up an order.

  • Drop Off Alert - minutes past the ETA that a driver is late to drop off an order.

  • Default Note for Drivers - a message that will be provided to all delivery drivers.

Settings are at an individual location level.

Delivery Status

A delivery can have one of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting driver - the delivery has been accepted but no driver has been assigned yet

  • Picking up - a driver has been assigned and is en-route to the restaurant

  • On the way - the order has been picked up and the driver is en-route to the drop-off address

  • Delivered - the order has been delivered to the customer

  • Canceled - the delivery has been canceled

  • Pending manager - the delivery is unable to be assigned to a driver (for example, when there are no drivers available) and must be canceled by a manager.

  • New - indicates the Service Provider is experiencing a technical or system issue and cannot process the order. Orders in this status need to be re-dispatched.

Driver Pick Up time

If an order has not yet been picked up from the restaurant, this will display the number of minutes before the delivery driver is due to pick up the order e.g. 20 min. Overdue orders are highlighted in red.

For orders already picked up, this will display the actual pick-up time e.g. 8:30 PM.

Drop Off time

If an order has not yet been dropped off to the customer, this will display the number of minutes before the delivery driver is due to drop off the order e.g. 20 min. Overdue orders are highlighted in red.

For orders already dropped off, this will display the actual drop-off time e.g. 8:30 PM.

To view more information about an order, simply click on the order. This will bring up an Order Details screen.

Order Details

The Order Details screen provides more detailed information about an order, including:

  • Customer details (name, address, phone number)

  • Items ordered

  • Amount paid by customer

  • Delivery timeline (order time, pick-up time, delivery time)

  • Note to driver

  • Order status

Map view

A map view will display underneath the delivery timeline once an order is assigned to a driver. The map will show both the pick-up location (using a black pinpoint) and the drop-off location (using a red pinpoint).

When the delivery is on the way to the customer, a link for live tracking will be made available. Clicking this link will open a real-time view of the driver's location.


If you have issues with a delivery or require help with the Inhouse Delivery solution, you can access help by clicking the ? icon in the top right hand corner.

Undeliverable orders

On rare occasions, delivery requests may not be able to be fulfilled - for example if there are no drivers available, or the delivery address is unknown.

When this occurs the status of the order will be set to Pending manager, and a manager or administrator will be required to manually cancel the order. This may entail:

  • Notifying the customer that the order cannot be delivered and processing any refunds

  • Notifying the kitchen that the order is no longer required

These actions must be performed manually - for example by going into the POS system. These actions cannot be performed in the Inhouse Delivery system.

When the manager has acknowledged on the Inhouse Delivery system that this has been done, the order status will be marked as Canceled.

A push notification will be sent to all managers and administrators of the location when the delivery request is unable to be fulfilled so they are aware the order needs to be manually canceled.

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