Cancel a Delivery Request

How to cancel a delivery request

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There may be times when a restaurant needs to cancel a delivery request - for example, if a customer has called to cancel an order.

Canceling a delivery within IHD simply cancels the request for a delivery driver. It does not cancel the actual customer order within the POS. Cancellation of the actual order and notification to the customer / kitchen must be performed outside of the Inhouse Delivery system.

Orders can be canceled at any point up until the delivery has been completed; however, delivery fees may be incurred if a driver has already been assigned to an order.

Delivery requests can be canceled by clicking on the ellipsis icon (3 vertical dots) on the Order Detail screen and then selecting Cancel delivery

A new screen will appear, asking you to confirm the cancellation request.

Clicking Yes will then send a message to the delivery partner (if applicable) canceling the delivery. The status of the delivery will updated to Canceled on the dashboard.

Pending dispatch order cancellations

When an order has a status of Pending dispatch, it means it has not yet been dispatched for delivery (i.e. there is no delivery request associated with the order).

For these orders a Delete option is available, rather than Cancel.

Deleting an order will simply remove it from the Inhouse Delivery system; it will not notify the customer, facilitate any customer refunds, or notify the kitchen.

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