Restaurants can choose to have their deliveries automatically or manually dispatched by toggling the Dispatch mode setting. This setting is specific to individual locations.

When Dispatch mode is off, restaurants will need to manually dispatch all orders that come through. (Herein referred to as 'manual mode').

Dispatching orders

All orders that are received from the connected online ordering platform while in manual mode will appear on the Delivery orders screen in a status of Dispatch pending.

To dispatch an order, click on it and select Dispatch order in the bottom righthand corner.

You can then select how the order should be dispatched.

Dispatch when?

Choose when the order should be delivered, either now or in the future.

You may select either the time the order is required to be picked up at the restaurant, or the time the order is to be delivered to the customer.

Dispatch how?

All available dispatch options will be displayed, so you can choose who to assign the order to.

If self-delivery is enabled, all individual drivers who are clocked into a shift in the driver position will be displayed.

If third-party delivery is enabled, all available third-party providers will be displayed.

When an order is manually dispatched to an internal driver, the delivery is immediately assigned to the driver. This is different to when orders are automatically dispatched, when drivers are able to choose whether to accept or reject a delivery offer. Drivers will be informed of the delivery assignment via a notification, and can see details of the order within the mobile app.

Once an order is manually assigned it proceeds through the same workflow as any other delivery.

Creating orders

Orders may be manually created while in manual mode via the Create Order form.

Users will be prompted to select who the order is to be dispatched to on a secondary screen.

Redispatching orders

Orders may be redispatched while in manual mode via the Redispatch order option.

Similar to above, users will be prompted to select who the order is to be redispatched to on a secondary screen.

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