Workers associated to a company are listed and managed in the Network screen.


  1. Admin OR Manager with 'Manage company network and worker profiles' access

Click on Main Menu > Company > Network


You can select any combination of filters to limit the list of workers to just the workers you're interested in.

  • Schedules (grouped by location if more than one location)

  • Access Level (employee, manager, administrator)

  • Positions (filter workers by their worker profile position/s)

  • Compliance (filter workers by their assigned compliance ruleset)

Selected filters are highlighted in blue. Filters that you set for a specific query are retained for that active session only. Next time you come back to the Network page, the default sort order is returned, (Workers by ascending first name). Use the 'Search by Name' field to search for a specific worker. 

Custom Columns

Select the columns which you want to see on your network dashboard. The default field group include the following, with Workers and Actions mandatory.

  1. Workers

  2. Positions

  3. Schedules

  4. Status

  5. Actions

Note: 'Actions' field
Located on the far right of a selected worker, you have the option to permanently delete a worker from your company network ('Delete Connection')

View Selected Fields

Where you have selected more columns than can be seen in a single view, the Workers column is fixed. Swipe right to left in the main body to reveal your other selected columns.

Sort Fields

The following fields are sortable. Simply click on the field name to sort by either ascending or descending alphabetic order.

  1. Workers

  2. Status (connected, invited, missing details)

  3. Access (employee, manager administrator)

Worker Profile

Click on a worker to be taken into their profile. Alternatively, click on the 'Actions' field on the far right of the worker to be given 2 options 

  1. View Profile (opens up into the worker profile)

  2. Delete Connection (permanently deletes the worker from the company)

Add Worker

Select to open a window where you can add a new worker to your company.

  1. Enter first name

  2. Enter last name

  3. Enter mobile number or email address

  4. Once saved, the worker is sent an invitation to activate their account and connect to the company, via sms if mobile number or via email if email address.

  5. Status is 'invited' when invitation sent. Status is 'connected' when activated.

Import Workers

Automatically create your workers by importing them from a CSV file. Alternatively, if you have set up the integration between SocialSchedules and selected Point of Sale (POS) systems, workers are automatically imported from the POS. Currently supported POS are; Heartland Restaurant, Square and Clover.

Export Contact Details
Export your worker contact details from SocialSchedules to a CSV file. Fields exported are; First name, Last name, Phone number, Email address.

Bulk Worker Invite
Importing workers can be performed without sending out the connection invitation at the time of import. To subsequently send out the invitation to workers, use the 'Bulk Worker Invite' feature. This is enabled as soon as you select one or more employees from the Network page. The button option 'Add Worker' will change to 'Bulk Actions'

Note: Workers who have been invited within the last 60 minutes will be excluded. Additionally, workers who are in the 'Missing Details' status are also excluded.

Bulk Assign Positions
Use this feature to assign one or more positions to a group of employees in a single action. This feature is enabled as soon as you select one or more employees from the Network page. The button option 'Add Worker' will change to 'Bulk Actions'

Note: The employee position rate that is assigned is the base rate from the company position. If an employee receives a rate which is different to the company position rate, this can be entered. Go to Employee Profile > Positions & Pay Rates.

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