Save time by importing your workers. Optionally, as part of the import process, you can choose whether to send workers an invitation to activate their account and connect with your Company.


  1. Administrator or Manager with Network access

  2. Heartland Restaurant API Key (only if Heartland Restaurant is not yet integrated with SocialSchedules)

Mega Menu (Company) > Network > Bulk Action (...) Import Workers

Once you have selected the 'Import workers' option, an additional screen is displayed, where you will see 'Heartland Restaurant' Click to select.

POS Not Integrated

Where the Heartland Restaurant POS for a particular location is not yet connected to SocialSchedules, you will be prompted to enter an API Key which you can obtain from your Heartland Restaurant representative.

POS Is Integrated

Where the Heartland Restaurant POS for a particular location is connected to SocialSchedules, you will see a screen with the location connection details.

Click on NEXT to bring up the import window, listing your workers retrieved from your Heartland Restaurant account. Where a Phone Number or Employee ID is associated to a worker in Heartland Restaurant, these details are also retrieved.

Import Worker Listing

The maximum number of employees in a single import is 200. Where this number is exceeded, the 'Import' button is inactive. You will need to de-select employees to reduce the number down to 200. At this point, the 'Import' button is enabled and you will be able to proceed.

Send Invitation to New Employees
As part of the import process, you can choose to send an invitation to new employees. This feature is OFF by default. When enabled, here are the options depending on whether a phone number and/or email address is included:

  1. Phone Number and Email Address - Sent as SMS to the phone number listed

  2. Phone Number Only - Sent as SMS to the phone number listed

  3. Email Address Only - Sent as Email invitation to the email address listed

Append Country Code To Phone Numbers
This option will append the appropriate Country Code to the phone number during the import process. Ensure this is correctly selected.

When ready, simply click the 'IMPORT' button.

Import Complete - Message and Error Log

Once the import is completed, you are notified. Any issues encountered during the import process are summarised and details held in an error log.

Error Log
Click on 'SHOW LOG' to reveal contents and the option to copy this to your clipboard for further investigation.

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