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Heartland Payroll Timecard Export
Heartland Payroll Timecard Export

Export timecard data for import into Heartland Payroll

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SocialSchedules provides the ability to map data between SocialSchedules timecards and Heartland Payroll. Once mappings are in place the CSV export of timecard data from SocialSchedules can be imported directly into Heartland Payroll.


  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator or Manager with 'manage timecards' sub-permission

Timecards -> Export button -> Export to Payroll (Heartland Payroll (CSV))

Create mappings between SocialSchedules and Heartland

Please contact Heartland Payroll Support to obtain the codes which are specific to your Heartland account.

Important: The mapping of Earning Codes is mandatory. The mapping of Division/Location codes and Department codes are optional.

Click 'Create Mapping' to map the following data:

  1. SocialSchedules Schedule to the Heartland Division/Location 

  2. SocialSchedules Position to the Heartland Department Code

  3. SocialSchedules Compliance to the Heartland Earning Codes.

Compliance rules include:

  • Overtime rates

  • Allowances

  • Tips

  • Clock out questions that expect a monetary based answer 

Export CSV file

Once mappings have been created, click 'Export' to generate the Heartland CSV file.

Maintaining mappings

All mappings are saved and will be remembered the next time you perform an export. However, be aware that new data can be created in Heartland Payroll that will need to be mapped. Any data that does not have a mapping will be blank in the export file. It is prudent to check the mappings prior to running an export to ensure all data has been properly mapped.

Import CSV file to Heartland Payroll
Perform these steps to import your file into Heartland Payroll.

Choose the following in the 'Time Card Import' screen

  1. Import Type: Timecard

  2. Template: Timeclock File

  3. File Format: Comma Delimited File

  4. Pay Group: Default (for companies w/more than one pay group, choose which one you are paying)

  5. Import Key: Employee Number

  6. Attach File: attach CSV file exported from SocialSchedules, (click to browse where file is saved)

Click the ‘Validate’ button

Once you get the next page, you must ALWAYS view the ‘validation’ results.  If any of these have a number other than zero, you must ALWAYS view the details by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the ‘View Validation Details’ button.
If there are no errors, proceed by clicking on the ‘Import’ button.

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