Once connection to Heartland Restaurant has been established, (a.k.a 'MobileBytes'), you can choose to control staff access to Heartland Restaurant POS through OpenSimSim time clock. 

When clock in occurs on OpenSimSim time clock, Heartland Restaurant receives the worker and position associated with the clock in and uses that information to log the worker into the POS with the appropriate level of access.

In order to setup this feature you need to map workers and positions from Heartland Restaurant to OpenSimSim.


  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator access

  3. iPad or Android tablet for OpenSimSim Time Clock

  4. Connected to Heartland Restaurant POS

  5. Enable the 'Labor Scheduling' setting on HR Restaurant POS

Mega Menu (Location) > Integrations > POS > Heartland Restaurant

Match Workers

Navigate to the Match Workers section within the Heartland Restaurant POS integrations screen. OpenSimSim will auto match workers where name and email/phone are successfully matched. Click 'show detail' to view name, email, phone number of the worker as it is stored in OpenSimSim and Heartland Restaurant respectively.

You can manually match workers or choose to exclude workers from the matching process by clicking 'ignore match'. When a worker has not been matched their clock ins are not sent to Heartland Restaurant.

Match Positions

Navigate to the Match Positions section within the Heartland Restaurant POS integrations screen. Match the Heartland Restaurant position with the associated OpenSimSim position.

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