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Sync Schedules with Heartland Restaurant
Sync Schedules with Heartland Restaurant

Enforce schedules through Heartland Restaurant Time Clock

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The 'sync schedules' integration sends the next two business days' schedules to Heartland Restaurant POS from where they can be enforced through the Heartland Restaurant time clock.

When enabled, the sync occurs automatically every 15 minutes to ensure the POS contains all recent schedule updates. 


  1. Administrator level access

  2. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  3. Active Heartland Restaurant connection

  4. Heartland Restaurant positions and workers mapped within SocialSchedules

Mega Menu (Location) > Integrations > POS

Enable Sync Schedules

Within the 'Connection Details' tab you can enable the 'Sync schedules with POS' option.

Note - Only shifts where the position and worker have been mapped to Heartland Restaurant from within SocialSchedules will be sync'd.

Manage Schedules in SocialSchedules

Once SocialSchedules schedules are sync'd with Heartland Restaurant, any existing schedules created within Heartland Restaurant will be wiped and replaced by the SocialSchedules schedule. 

This avoids schedule conflicts and confusion that can arise from managing schedules in two different systems.

Enforce Early Clock In on Heartland Restaurant POS

To ensure that employees do not login to the POS earlier than x-minutes before their scheduled start time, this threshold must be set in the POS as part of the Labor Scheduling feature.

Navigate to Location Setup > Settings > Labor Scheduling.

Enable the Labor Scheduling feature and set the desired Early Clock In threshold (in minutes)

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