Once connected to your Heartland Retail POS account, OpenSimSim will retrieve your sales history and use that data to:

  • Forecast your future sales

  • Show you your labor costs against your actual sales


  1. Administrator access

  2. Your Heartland Retail Account Login

Main Menu (Location) > Integrations > POS

Connect to Heartland Retail

Click on the link icon

You will be automatically re-directed to the Heartland Retail login screen. Login to your account using your Heartland credentials.

On login, you will be prompted to allow OpenSimSim to access features of your Heartland Retail account. Allow to proceed.

If you have multiple locations under your account, you will be prompted to select the appropriate location for the integration.

OpenSimSim will import your Workers and Positions (Job Types) as part of the integration process. Enabled by default.

The setup process will start, and is typically completed within a couple of minutes. Do not interrupt. Once finished, you are returned to the Integration dashboard, where you will now see the status as 'Connected'

To see details of the integration for the particular location, click on 'Heartland Retail' to open up another window.

From this window you are able to View Logs of the synchronisation between OpenSimSim and Heartland Retail

Additionally, you can Disconnect the integration at any time, should it no longer be required. Optionally, this includes removing all Sales data from OpenSimSim.

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