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View labor costs as a percentage of forecast sales as you schedule

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The 'Sales vs Labor Costs' feature allows you to see your scheduled labor costs as a percentage of your forecasted sales.

If you have a premium subscription you have the ability to manually import sales and SocialSchedules will produce sales forecasts automatically for you.


  1. Administrator access or Manager with access to company financials

  2. Sales Forecasting is a premium feature

Scheduler > Sales vs Labor Cost

View Sales vs Labor Cost

Input forecasted sales directly into the 'Projected Sales' row. Labor costs are automatically calculated from the schedule and labor costs are shown as a percentage of sales.

Manually entered sales are automatically repeated to subsequent weeks.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is available as a premium feature. Forecasts are produced based on historical sales data; entered either via manual upload or API integration with POS account.  When projected sales are manually entered those values will not be overwritten by forecasted sales.

  • Set hourly rates for your workers here

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