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Break Settings

Enable and configure break clock in / clock out for your workers

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Control how workers clock in and clock out for their breaks, including preventing clocking back in early.


  1. Administrator level permission.

  2. Setting up breaks table in compliance ruleset.ย 

Mega Menu > Location > Attendance > Settings > Enable Breaks

Configure Settings
Require that workers clock in / clock out for their breaks. When enabled, select one of the three options.

  1. Paid breaks only

  2. Unpaid breaks only

  3. All breaks

Prevent Clocking Back In Early
By default, workers are allowed to clock back in early from their break. If you require workers to take their full break, enable this through the 'Restrict' option under 'Enable Breaks' Refer to Attendance Settings article.

Taking Additional Break - Not Scheduled
When a worker attempts to clock out for a break which has not been scheduled, they receive the following message;

Allocating Breaks
This is a prerequisite for 'prevent break clock in early'. Learn more about Allocating Breaks
Break Notifications

Related to Break Settings, break notifications alert Managers when Workers have not taken the required number (or duration) of paid and unpaid breaks allocated to them. Learn more about Break Notifications

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