Self-delivery settings

Use settings to define how self-delivery will work for your location

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Once IHD Dispatch (self-delivery) is enabled for a location, three additional settings will appear on the Settings screen under Self Delivery Settings.

These are:

  • Driver positions

  • Delivery zone

  • Multiple deliveries

These settings will define how self-delivery will work for the location.

Driver positions

Enable any positions you wish to act as drivers.

Pre-requisite: The positions must first be created

Any position can be given deliveries if the position name is listed here. For example, you may have a position titled Busboy. If this is enabled, it means anyone online as a Busboy can be offered deliveries.

More than one position can be selected as a driver.

Delivery area

Define the area your drivers can deliver to.

This can be done in one of two ways:

  • By defining a radius from your restaurant that drivers can deliver to

  • By drawing a specific area on the map. For example, you may not wish your drivers to cross a highway, or not deliver to a specific neighborhood.

If orders are received that fall outside the defined delivery area, these will not be dispatched to self-delivery drivers. If third-party delivery is enabled they will be sent to them; else they will fall to Action needed status.

Multiple deliveries

Select how many deliveries a driver may be assigned at one time.

This logic only applies for auto-dispatch. For example, if the value is set to two and one of your drivers has two deliveries assigned, they will not be offered any more deliveries by the IHD solution until they have completed one of their deliveries.

If all drivers have the maximum number of deliveries assigned, any new deliveries will be dispatched to a third-party (if enabled) else will fall into a status of Action needed.

Note that this value is disregarded in manual assignment. Drivers can be manually assigned deliveries even if the number of deliveries equals or exceeds this value.

Congratulations! Your self-delivery settings are now defined.

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