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Go online to be available to accept orders

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Drivers must be online to accept deliveries.

A toggle is available in the IHD mobile app which allows drivers to go online, or go offline when their shift has ended.

Go online

On the map view, tap the Offline button to go online.

If drivers are connected to a single location, they are instantly set to Online and will see a message confirming they can now accept deliveries.

If drivers are connected to multiple locations, they will be required to choose which restaurant they wish to go online for. A driver may only be online for one location at a time.

The Offline text will disappear on the map view and be replaced with a green circle, indicating the driver is now online.

SocialSchedules shifts

If you are already clocked into a driver shift in SocialSchedules, you will automatically appear as 'online' when you log in to the IHD mobile app.

If you choose to go offline within the IHD mobile app (or log out), this will automatically clock you out of your shift in SocialSchedules. Conversely, if you clock out of your shift in SocialSchedules you will automatically be set to 'offline' within the IHD mobile app.

If you are clocked into a non-driver shift in SocialSchedules and then log in to the IHD mobile app, you will not appear as 'online'. If you try to go online you will not be able to, as you are clocked into a non-driver shift. To go online, you will need to clock out of the shift in SocialSchedules.

Go offline

When the driver is ready to go offline - for example, because their shift has ended or they are on a break - they can simply tap the green circle in the top righthand corner.

A message will appear asking the driver to confirm they wish to go offline. Once confirmed, their status will be set to Offline, and the text Offline will appear in the top righthand corner of the map view.

While a driver is offline, they will not be considered for deliveries by the auto-dispatch system. However, they can still be manually assigned deliveries by a manager.

If a driver has a delivery assigned, they may still choose to go offline. The delivery remains assigned to them to complete; however, they will not be considered for future deliveries.

Log out of the app

Drivers will automatically be set as offline when they log out of the app.

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