Manual dispatch (mobile)

Keep in full control of dispatch by manually assigning orders

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Restaurants can choose to have their deliveries dispatched either automatically or manually.

When dispatch mode is off, restaurants will need to manually dispatch all orders that come through. (Herein referred to as 'manual mode').

Dispatching orders

All orders that are received from the connected online ordering platform while in manual mode are created in a status of Pending dispatch.

To dispatch an order, click the ellipsis in the top righthand corner of the order detail screen and select Dispatch order.

To dispatch an order, restaurants must select when the order will be ready for delivery and who to assign the order to.

Pickup time

The time the order will be ready to pick up by the driver. Defaulted to 'now'.

Driver assignment

All available dispatch options will be displayed, so you can choose who to assign the order to.

Available Drivers

  • Will be displayed if self-delivery is enabled. All individual drivers who are currently clocked into a shift in the driver position will be displayed. The number of orders they are currently assigned is also shown, to guide the manager on which driver may be best suited to take the delivery.

Please note: When an order is scheduled for delivery more than 40 minutes from the current time you will be unable to select an individual driver to assign the order to.

Driver Network

  • Will be displayed if self-delivery is enabled. This option will show all workers for the location who have previously used the IHD driver app. This gives managers the ability to route orders to workers who are not currently clocked into a driver shift, but may still be available for delivery. The current shift status is shown against each worker (either Clocked in, On break, or Not clocked in).

Third Party

  • Will be displayed if third-party delivery is enabled. All available third-party providers will be displayed. Note that individual drivers from a third-party cannot be selected.

Driver assignment

When an order is manually dispatched to an internal driver, the delivery is immediately assigned to the driver. This is different to when orders are automatically dispatched, when drivers are able to choose whether to accept or reject a delivery offer. Drivers will be informed of the delivery assignment via a notification, and can see details of the order within the mobile app.

Once an order is manually assigned it proceeds through the same workflow as any other delivery.

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