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Mobile - Sync Shifts with Android Calendar
Mobile - Sync Shifts with Android Calendar

Sync your SocialSchedules shifts to a calendar on your Android mobile device

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Use calendar sync to see your SocialSchedules shifts on your Google calendar.


Android smartphone device.

Enable Sync

Calendar syncing to a Google calendar cannot be enabled directly from the SocialSchedules app on an Android mobile device. The sync must be enabled via your Google account from a web browser or desktop.

Note you can also use this functionality to sync your SocialSchedules shifts with any other calendar type. For iOS calendars, the SocialSchedules mobile app is able to sync shifts directly from within the app (please see this article.)

To start, login to the SocialSchedules mobile app and go to More Menu > Calendar Sync.

Click on the Copy Link button. You will need this link to import your shifts into your Google calendar.

Open your Google Calendar in either a browser or on a desktop. You may wish to send the calendar link to yourself (e.g. via e-mail or messenger) if you are using another device, as you will need this shortly.

On the far left menu, next to 'Other calendars,' click on the ' + ' button:

Select 'From URL':

Paste the link you copied from the SocialSchedules mobile app, then click 'Add Calendar'.

Your SocialSchedules shifts will now be synced with your Google calendar. You can view them wherever your Google calendar is set up, either on desktop or your mobile device.

Note: SocialSchedules does not control the frequency of sync. We recommend that for the most recent schedule information, you should view your shifts via the SocialSchedules mobile app or desktop app.

Disable Sync

You can disable the calendar sync feature at any time. Refer to this article from Google for support.

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