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Define your delivery settings for each location

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Settings allow managers to define how they would like each restaurant to operate.


  1. Admin or Manager with an Inhouse Delivery subscription


From the Delivery Orders page, click the 'Settings' icon in the top right corner

Settings are defined for each individual location. You can change location by using the filter in the top left hand corner.


The following settings are available:

Dispatch mode

Toggle ON to have orders automatically dispatched through Inhouse Delivery, or keep OFF for manual dispatch.

Prep time

The current average time to prepare a food order. This information is used to calculate when the driver should arrive at the restaurant

Default note for drivers

A message that will be provided to all delivery drivers. For example, Please use the back entrance when arriving to pick up the order.

Customer not available policy

Instructs a driver what to do with the order when the customer is not available when they arrive. Options are to either leave at door or return to restaurant.

Note orders cannot be left at door if they require a signature, ID check, or payment on delivery.

Alerts and notifications

Choose when alerts should be sent when a driver is late to pick up or drop off an order.

You may also see a restaurant token in the settings list. This token is used to connect certain online ordering systems with the Inhouse Delivery solution.

Locations with self-delivery enabled will also see the following settings:

Driver positions

The positions that can be assigned deliveries. Employees must be clocked in to a shift in one of these positions to be able to receive deliveries.

Delivery area

The area where a restaurant's own internal drivers can deliver orders.

The area can be set in one of two ways:

  • By drawing a circle around the restaurant location. Alternatively, a delivery radius can be selected from the Distance dropdown.

  • By drawing a free form shape around the restaurant location. Drawing a shape is helpful when you want to define exactly where your drivers can and can't deliver to. For example, you may only want your drivers to deliver on the college campus or not past 4th street. There is no limit to the shape or size you can draw, only those it must contain the restaurant location within its boundaries.

If a delivery is received for an address outside of the defined delivery area, it will be automatically dispatched to a third-party provider (if this is enabled).

Multiple deliveries

The number of deliveries a driver can be assigned at one time

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