Reassigning an order is changing the driver or third party provider which is currently assigned to the order. You may wish to do this because:

  • The assigned driver is late to pick up the order, and you wish to assign it to an inhouse driver

  • No driver has yet been assigned by the third-party delivery provider and the food is ready to collect

  • A new driver has just clocked in to work and is ready and waiting to take orders

To reassign an order, click on it and select Reassign order in the top menu.

You may only reassign an order which is in a status of awaiting driver or picking up.

You can then select who the order is to be reassigned to. All available dispatch options will be displayed.

If self-delivery is enabled, all individual drivers who are clocked in to a shift in the driver position will be displayed, excluding the currently assigned driver (if applicable).

If third-party delivery is enabled, all available third party providers will be displayed.

When an order is reassigned to an internal driver, the delivery is immediately assigned to the driver. This is different to when orders are automatically dispatched, when drivers are able to choose whether to accept or reject a delivery offer. Drivers will be informed of the delivery assignment via a notification, and can see details of the order within the mobile app.

A cancellation notice will be sent to the original assignee. If it was assigned to a third-party provider a cancellation fee may be charged, depending on the provider and the order status.

Once an order is reassigned it proceeds through the same workflow as any other delivery.

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