Delivering an order

The mobile app gives you everything you need to successfully deliver an order

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The Inhouse Delivery mobile app gives drivers all of the information needed to successfully deliver an order.

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Delivering an order

After you have accepted a delivery, the screen will be updated to reflect the delivery details.


The map will show both the pick up and drop off location of your order, and your current location will be represented by a blue circle. You can zoom in, zoom out, and change position on the map by swiping.

Click Re-center to return to the original map view at any time.

Order details

The bottom of the screen will provide information on the current step of your delivery. If you have multiple orders assigned to you, you can swipe to view your other orders.

Very simply, deliveries pass through three steps:

Picking up: You should head to the restaurant to pick up the order at the time indicated

Dropping off: Once you have picked up the order from the restaurant, you should proceed to the customer's address.

Delivered: The customer has their food and the order is now complete.

You may click the instructions at the bottom of the screen (referred to herein as the 'drawer') at any time to view more information about the order.

Picking up

Once you've accepted a delivery request, the app will instruct you to Go to restaurant. The restaurant address and the order pick up time is listed at the bottom of the screen. You should aim to arrive at the restaurant at the time shown, as this is when the restaurant has advised the food will be ready.

The map will show both the restaurant and the customer's address. Tap the GPS icon to get directions to the customer's address via a map app.

Tap on the drawer to view more information about the order. Information displayed includes:

  • Customer name

  • Customer notes, such as 'Please do not ring the doorbell as baby is sleeping'

  • Order items and quantities

There are several actions available to you on this screen:

Get directions, by tapping the GPS icon near the top right hand corner

Call customer, by tapping the phone icon located next to the customer's name

Message customer, by tapping the message icon located to the right of the customer's name

You can also access more actions by tapping the ellipsis in the top right hand corner:

Call restaurant, which will bring up the call screen with the restaurant's phone number entered

Get help, which will bring up a help article on how to use the Inhouse Delivery app

When you have arrived at the restaurant, you should confirm that you have received all of the items in the order, as listed on this screen. Tap the thumbs up icon beside Confirm order items received? and then tap the Go to customer button to proceed with the delivery.

Dropping off

The status will automatically change to 'dropping off' when you've tapped on the Go to customer button.

The customer's address will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Again, you may tap the GPS icon to get directions.

Tap on the drawer to view more information about the order. Information displayed includes:

  • Customer name

  • Customer notes. These may contain important information to help you successfully deliver the order, including:

    • How to find the drop off address e.g. Take the elevator to the first floor. Take a right out of the elevator and we are the second apartment on the right

    • Where to leave the order, e.g. Leave order by the front door

    • How to deliver the order, e.g. Do not ring the doorbell as baby is sleeping

  • Order items and quantities, in case there are issues with the order

You may also see instructions here on how the order is to be left. These are:

ID required

Some orders may require you to check the ID of the customer before you leave the order. This may be required when the order contains age restricted items, like alcohol or tobacco.

When an ID check is required, the instruction ID required will be listed on this screen.

When you arrive at the customer's address, you must ask the customer for their ID. The ID presented must be a government issued form of identification which includes a photograph of the customer and their date of birth (for example, a passport or license).

Calculate the customer's age based on the date of birth listed on their ID. You may need to use a website to calculate this. and check that they are over the age of 21.

If the customer's ID confirms they are over 21, then tap on the thumbs up icon.

Signature Required

Some orders may require you to obtain a signature from the customer before you leave the order, as a proof of delivery.

When a signature is required, the instruction Customer signature will be listed on this screen.

When you arrive at the customer's address, tap on the pencil icon and ask them to enter their signature. The customer may tap the 'x' to erase and re-enter a signature, or else they may tap Done when they have happy with the signature entered.

Contactless delivery

A contactless delivery is when a customer requests that you leave the order at their address without making physical contact with them.

When this has been requested, a Contactless delivery instruction will be listed on this screen.

Contactless delivery is not possible if an ID check or signature is required upon delivery.

When a contactless delivery has been requested, you should leave the order in a safe place at the drop off address, taking a photo of its location. Ensure the photo makes it clear where you have left the order - for example, you might include the letterbox under which you have left it; or the front door. This photo will be sent to the customer when you mark the order as complete to help them locate the order. While you may retake the photos, only the last photo you take will be kept.

The customer may have left instructions on how or where they would like their order delivered in the drop off notes. For example, Please leave food by the front gate and buzz when done. If there are no instructions, leave the order in a safe location which is undercover and out of sight from passing traffic.

If you are unsure where to leave the order, try giving the customer a call to ask for instructions.

Completing the order

When you have completed all of the tasks associated with delivering the order, the Complete order button will be enabled. Tap this to mark the delivery as complete.

You will be returned to the map screen to await your next order.

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