Provide managers access to IHD

Give staff access to view and manage orders within the IHD solution

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This article outlines how to onboard staff into the Inhouse Delivery solution so they can view and manage delivery orders.


Administrator level access or Manager with Manage company network and worker profiles permission


Network -> Add Worker

Add Workers

First, you'll need to invite workers into your Inhouse Delivery company account. To do so, complete the information in the 'Add Worker' form, as shown below.

This will send the worker a text message with a link they can click to accept your invitation.

Continue the process for every worker you want to have access to the solution.

Set Permissions

So that your workers may view and manage delivery orders, you must assign them the Manager role. By default, all new workers are created as Employees, with limited access to the solution.

Navigate to Network -> Worker Profile -> Access & Permissions and select 'Manager' under Access Level.

Next, scroll down to 'Manage Deliveries' under 'Permissions' and toggle this to 'On'.

Click the 'Save' button to apply all changes.

Your worker will now have access to view and manage deliveries on the Delivery orders screen.

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