Delivering multiple orders

Drivers can accept up to three orders at a time within the IHD app

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Accepting multiple deliveries

If a restaurant allows their orders to be assigned multiple deliveries at a time, you may receive delivery requests when you already have an order assigned to you.

These delivery requests look very similar to a normal delivery request. The pickup and drop off locations will both be displayed on the map using a black pinpoint. You will also see the pick up and / or drop off address/es for any other orders you have already accepted.

Like with any other order, you can choose whether to accept or reject the delivery request. Accept the order by tapping Add to route

Note after you have accepted the order, you will be returned to the order you were previously viewing.

Delivering multiple orders

The information displayed within the app when you have multiple orders assigned to you is very similar to when you are assigned a single order.

The only difference is that the map view will contain the pickup and / or drop off address/es of any other orders assigned to you. However, the order you are currently looking at will be in focus.

To toggle between orders, simply swipe at the bottom of the screen.

Delivery order

The Inhouse Delivery app will not dictate an order for you to complete the deliveries. Use the information provided in the app, like the pickup time, to decide which order you will complete the deliveries in.

Completing an order

When you have completed an order, simply mark the order as Complete as normal. The only difference is that instead of being returned to the map view to await your next delivery request, you will be returned to the next order in your list.

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