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Find out how to complete a contactless delivery in the IHD app

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The health and safety of drivers and customers is paramount for Inhouse Delivery.

As part of this, the IHD app supports the ability for customers to request contactless deliveries and to leave deliveries at the door.

What is a contactless delivery?

A contactless delivery is when you do not directly interact with the customer when delivering their order - instead, you place the food in a safe location as per the customer's directions.

The customer will automatically receive an SMS notifying them that their food have been delivered and they may collect the order. A photo of the drop off location will be included in the SMS to help them locate the order.

How do I know if my order is a contactless delivery?

There are two ways you may see this in the app:

1) If the customer requested a contactless delivery as part of the order, once you are on your way to the customer you will see it clearly highlighted on the app:

2) The customer may have requested it as part of the drop off notes. Look for words including 'leave at door' or 'no contact'.

How do I complete a contactless delivery?

See this article for instructions on how to complete a contactless delivery.

What if the delivery requires a signature or ID check?

If the delivery requires a signature or ID check on delivery (because it contains a restricted item like alcohol), you will still need to sight the customer's ID and / or signature before leaving the order. You may still leave the order in a safe location if requested by the customer, rather than physically handing over the order.

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