Drivers can accept and manage deliveries from the IHD mobile app, available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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  1. An activated SocialSchedules user account

Download & Install

The mobile app is available for free from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). Just search for 'Inhouse Delivery'.

Login & Setup

Launch the IHD App. When prompted, enter the email address and password associated with your SocialSchedules account.

Anyone with a SocialSchedules account may log-in to the app; however only users who are clocked in to a shift in a driver position will be able to see and accept deliveries.

Upon first login you will be asked to select the vehicle you will be using to make deliveries.

You will also be prompted to enable location services. Allowing the IHD app to track your location is vital to ensure you are assigned deliveries (read more about location tracking here).

Once you have set your vehicle type and enabled location services you will see the home screen. If you haven't yet clocked into your driver shift you will see a reminder message here, with a link to the SocialSchedules app.

New Delivery Requests

New delivery requests will appear on the home screen. If you are not in the app, you will instead receive a notification on your phone.

The delivery request will display the pick up and drop off location of the order. You can choose to either accept or reject the request by clicking the appropriate button.

Delivery requests have a limited offer period, so you should accept the request as soon as possible.

Accepted Orders

After you have accepted a delivery the screen will be updated to reflect the delivery details.


The map will show both the pick up and drop off location of your order, and display a blue circle to represent your current position. Whenever you see the map, you can zoom in, zoom out, and change position by swiping. Click Re-center to return to the original map view at any time.

Order details

The bottom of the screen will provide information on the current step of your delivery. If you have multiple orders assigned to you, you can swipe to view your other orders.

Very simply, deliveries pass through three steps:

Picking up: You should head to the restaurant to pick up the order at the time indicated

Dropping off: Once you have picked up the order from the restaurant, you should proceed to the customer's address.

Delivered: The customer has their food and the order is now complete

Read Delivering an order for more information

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