Redispatching an order is making a new delivery request for an order. You may wish to redispatch an order when there is an issue with the original delivery, such as missing or damaged food.

To redispatch an order, click on the Redispatch Order option under the ellipsis on the Order Detail screen. You can redispatch any order, regardless of its status or original delivery time.

This will bring up the Redispatch Order screen.

By default, all details from the original order will be copied over to the new order. You can choose to edit any of the fields if they require changing.

You can choose between two options for when the order will be available for the driver to pick-up:

  • Ready in. Select this option when the order still needs to be cooked and is not yet ready to be picked up.

  • Ready now (ASAP). Select this option when the order has already been cooked and can be collected immediately.

Click the Redispatch button when you are ready to send the new delivery request. A new screen will appear, asking you to confirm the redispatch request.

Upon clicking Confirm, a new request for a delivery driver will be sent. The redispatched order will be visible on the Delivery Orders screen with all of the other orders.

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