There may be occasions when a refund is required. IHD can request a refund for an order on your behalf.

To request a refund for a delivery:

  1. Locate and select the order from the Delivery Orders screen. The order status must be 'Delivered' or 'Canceled'

  2. Click on Order Options in the top right-hand corner (3 vertical dots)

  3. Select Request refund

  4. Select the appropriate reason for the refund

  5. Submit the request by clicking on the 'Send Request' button.

The refund request will then be lodged on your behalf with the delivery company.

Refunds can only be requested when:

  • The order was assigned to an external delivery partner

  • The order is in a 'completed' status

  • There was a fee associated to the order

  • There has not already been a refund requested

The IHD team will communicate the decision made and apply any refunds as credits to your next invoice.

Refund Status

Once the refund request has been submitted, the person who submitted the request, and the date the request was submitted on, are both tagged in the order details screen, initially in the status of 'Awaiting Decision'.

Once the refund has been approved or rejected by the delivery partner, this text will be updated with details of the decision.

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