Clock In & Clock Out Disclaimers

Worker acknowledgement of terms and conditions

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A disclaimer contains terms and conditions the worker must accept / decline upon clocking in and/or clocking out for each shift. Disclaimers are tagged to the timecard created at the completion of the shift. Multiple disclaimers are supported.


  1. Premium Plan or higher

  2. Administrator permission

Main Menu > Attendance > Disclaimers

Create Disclaimer

  1. Click on the Add Disclaimer link

  2. Enter a Title, for example 'Meal Break Agreement'

  3. Select Type (Present at Clock In or present at Clock Out)

  4. Optionally, select the checkbox to prevent workers clocking in or clocking out where a disclaimer is not accepted.

  5. Add disclaimer text. Tip: You can copy & paste text from an external document

  6. Enter instructions for the worker when the disclaimer is not accepted

Select the group this disclaimer applies to from the following options:

  • This Location - all workers belonging to the selected location

  • Departments - all workers belonging to the selected department/s

  • Positions - all workers who are working a shift in the selected position/s

Manage Disclaimer
Once created and enabled, you can update at any time. Click the Edit icon. Whenever a disclaimer is edited, it is automatically saved and becomes the "active" version. This ensures version control is maintained. All previous versions are listed under History. You can Delete or Enable/Disable a disclaimer at any time.

Sort Order

The default sort order on initial open is Title (alphabetically ascending). Additionally, sorting by Type and Edited are also supported. Simply click on the desired field name.

Worker Process
Disclaimers are displayed to workers on TimeClock when clocking in for, or clocking out of, their shift (supported on both tablet kiosk and mobile app).

The following example illustrates a Clock Out Disclaimer on the Mobile App.

The worker is presented with two options:

  1. I Accept completes the clock out

  2. I Am Not Sure displays the disclaimer instructions from where the worker can either stay clocked in or complete clock out

Worker Acknowledgement
A record of the worker decision is displayed in the timecard. Additionally, when a worker declines a disclaimer all schedule managers are notified via push notification.

Note: The disclaimer name is hyperlinked. Clicking on a name opens a panel where the disclaimer wording is displayed, including the date/time when the worker accepted or declined.

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