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Report - Sales vs Labor Cost (Mobile App)
Report - Sales vs Labor Cost (Mobile App)

View labor costs as a percentage of sales, right from your phone

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The Sales vs Labor Cost report on mobile allows you to see labor cost as a percentage of sales from your phone; its primary purpose is to help managers keep track of costs in real time. 

The report summarises sales and labor costs for the day and when hourly data is present it is displayed in the report.

Note - Currently, only locations that have a POS integration will have hourly sales data. In the future SocialSchedules will support manually uploading hourly sales data but currently only manual upload of daily sales data is supported.


  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator or a Manager with 'manage sales and labor costs' sub-permission.

More menu > Reports > 'Sales vs Labor Cost'

Note - You will navigate to the current day by default and then can use the back button (<) to navigate to the previous day.

Report Settings

Navigate to report settings by selecting the menu in the top right of the screen (vertical ellipses).

Unlike the desktop version of the report only a single day is selectable, however, all other settings are the same.

Report Display

Sales and labor cost is summarized for the selected day at the top of the report and where hourly data is available, it is displayed in the body of the report.

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