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Custom Clock Out Question

Create questions for employees to answer on shift clock-out.

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Allows the creation of custom questions you would like employees to answer at shift clock out. Questions can be anything that is specific to your business.


  1. Premium Plan or higher

  2. Administrator permission

Mega Menu > Attendance > Clock Out Questions.

Create Custom Question
Get started by clicking 'Add Custom Question', required fields:

  1. Question - Type your question here

  2. Title - Short description shown on worker timecard to identify question

  3. Answer Value - options are; Currency / Number / Text / Numeric (Decimal)

  4. Export Code - Unique code for the question. Included in Payroll Export file

  5. Group That It Applies To - options are; Location / Schedule / Position

This custom question prompts the employee on clock out to enter the number of pizza deliveries they made during their shift. This is what the employee sees on clock out.

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