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Introduction to attendance settings
Introduction to attendance settings

Enable features that are applied to your TimeClock

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Attendance settings are rules that control how workers clock in and clock out and are set at a location level and apply to all workers for that location.

To perform this function, you must have Administrator level permission or Manager level permission with 'Manage attendance settings' sub-permission enabled.

Main Menu > Location > Attendance > Settings.

Configure Settings

Mobile Clock Ins
Allow workers to clock in / clock out for their shift and breaks using their mobile app. Optionally, you can set the clock-in radius to restrict or allow workers to clock in or out when outside of the radius.

Photo Confirmation
Require that a photo is taken when a worker clocks in. This feature is available on both kiosk and mobile app and is configurable to cover clock in / clock out for both shifts and breaks.

Time Snapping
This rule is called 'Snap' because it snaps the actual clock in / clock out time to the scheduled start / finish time. In order for snapping to work, a time threshold needs to be set for both the shift start time and shift finish time. Setting the threshold involves specifying the amount of time before and after the scheduled time.

Early Clock Ins
Set how early workers are allowed to clock in before their shift starts. Workers that try to clock in earlier will not be allowed.

Unscheduled Shifts
Allow workers to clock in for a shift which is not scheduled e.g. when a worker is required to work at short notice. Unscheduled shifts are automatically created in the scheduler and are indicated with an 'unscheduled' label.


  1. For workers, this feature is only available via the Time Clock kiosk. It is not currently supported for workers via the Mobile App.

  2. Employers can clock a worker in for an unscheduled shift via the Mobile App.

Require that workers clock in / clock out for their breaks. When enabled, select one of the three options.

  1. Paid breaks only

  2. Unpaid breaks only

  3. All breaks

By default, workers are allowed to clock back in early from their break. If you require workers to take their full break, enable this through the 'Restrict' option under 'Enable Breaks'

Learn more about Break Settings
Tips & Sales
Require that workers declare tips and sales on clock out. You can restrict this feature so that it only applies to workers that are assigned to shifts where the associated position attracts tips. This feature is supported on kiosk and mobile app. 

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