Set up your first TimeClock Kiosk

Turn your iPad or Android tablet into a TimeClock kiosk

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TimeClock kiosk harnesses your iPad or Android tablet to create a station where workers clock in / clock out for shifts and breaks. 

Setting up a TimeClock kiosk is a two step process:

  1. Create TimeClock for the location in the desktop app

  2. Install TimeClock app on your device and login to connect to the TimeClock


  1. Setting up TimeClock requires Administrator permission

  2. Your user account contains your mobile number, which is required for kiosk login

  3. Device operating system minimum requirements: iPad (iOS 9.0 or later) and Android tablet (Version 5.0 or later)

Note: Android Kindle and devices running Android GO are not supported

Mega Menu > Attendance > Time Clocks

Step 1 - Create TimeClock from Desktop App

  1. Name your Kiosk

  2. Select schedules, for the selected location, that will use this TimeClock

Once kiosk is created, an email containing setup instructions is sent to your email address.

Step 2 - Install TimeClock App on Tablet

  1. From the device, go to App Store (iPad) or Play Store (Android) 

  2. Search for “SocialSchedules TimeClock”

  3. Download & Install, (TimeClock icon displays on completion)

  4. Login to TimeClock App using your mobile number

  5. Select and install TimeClock that you setup in step 1 above

Once the selected kiosk is installed you will see the list of employees from the schedules you have associated with the TimeClock. Your TimeClock is now operational and ready for your employees to clock in.

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