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Create, advertise and fill an open shift opportunity

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Shift Opportunities are open shifts that you need to fill. You can invite a specific employee, or group of employees to apply. Alternatively you can advertise it out to all employees in your network that have the position/skill in their profile that you require, and then choose the most suitable applicant. Finally you can assign a Shift Opportunity directly to a specific employee.

Note: employees must be connected to the company before they will be returned in search results.


From the Weekly or Daily Schedule View, click on the "+" option to open up the Create Shift Opportunity window.

Enter the following details:

  • Date of the Shift Opportunity

  • Start Time of the Shift Opportunity

  • End Time of the Shift Opportunity

  • Shift End Option (As Scheduled, Until Required, Until Close)

  • Unpaid Break, (selectable in 5 minute increments up to 60 minutes)

  • Position required, (for example, bartender)

  • Slots - number of Shift Opportunities available/required, (for example I need 2 bartenders)

  • Offsite Addresses - offsite location where the shift will be worked (if enabled)

  • Sections - work area where the shift will be worked, (if relevant)

Select 'Who Can Apply' Option:

  • Invite Only - employer selects one or more specific employees from within their network to be sent an invitation to apply.

  • Network Only - the shift opportunity is automatically sent to all appropriately skilled applicants from within the company network.

Select 'Invite Workers' Option:

  • Returns a list of suitable and available applicants that can be invited to apply.

  • Percentage Match represents the degree to which the employee is available for the time defined in the shift opportunity.

  • Select employees individually, or click on 'INVITE' to include all potential applicants returned in the list.

  • Click 'Save As Draft' to leave status of Shift Opportunity as 'Unpublished' or click on 'Save & Publish' to finalise and send the opportunity out to selected employees.

Auto Approve Option:

  • After one or more employees have been selected, an additional option is enabled which allows the employer to automatically accept and assign the opportunity to a specific employee. Click on the option in the 'auto approve' column next to the employee. In our example, if Chris, Erin or Fiona apply, they will automatically be assigned the shift, even if another applicant who does not have 'auto approve' set applies first. Where there is only one slot to fill and 'auto approve' is set for multiple employees, the first to apply will be successful.

Review and Accept Applicant:

  • To see applicants that have been invited, and those that have applied, click on the Shift Opportunity and then select the Manage Shift option.

  • Applicants will be listed, the top section are those that have Applied and the bottom section are those that have been Invited but have yet to apply, (or decided not to apply).

  • Erin Wilson, who is flagged as 'Auto Approve' has yet to Apply. Therefore the employer may decide to wait to see if Erin does apply, alternatively the employer may deem Melissa or Brian as suitable and Accept one of those applicants.

  • Once an applicant is accepted, the shift is removed from the Opportunities section and moved up into the Schedule section, assigned as a confirmed and published shift against the successful applicant. The successful applicant will receive a push notification informing that they have been successful.

  • After reviewing all applicants that have applied, and deemed that none are suitable, the employer can choose to invite additional employees by clicking on the 'Invite Workers' button in the 'Manage Shift Opportunity' screen.

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