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Printing a Manual Timesheet
Printing a Manual Timesheet

Print out a pre-filled timesheet with scheduled shifts, that employees complete, if you don't have an automated Time & Attendance solution.

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For employers that do not have an automated Time and Attendance solution for employees to clock in/out for their shifts, SocialSchedules provides a pre-formatted weekly timesheet that can be printed and provided to each employee for manual completion.


  • From either the Weekly or Daily Schedule view, click on the printer icon on the left panel and select "Print Timesheets".

  • Click on the Generate Printout button. There are no user-selectable options.

  • Click on the Download button. There are no user-selectable options.

  • The timesheets will preview on screen. Print out and distribute to employees for completion. Timesheets are pre-filled with the employees' scheduled shifts.

Employees to complete the following:

A - Enter Actual Shift Start Time

B - Enter Actual Shift End Time

C - Length of Actual Break (in minutes)

D - Area to provide note or comment (where appropriate)

E - Employee acknowledgment.

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