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What is a department?

Departments are key to creating shifts and publishing schedules

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SocialSchedules supports a three-level hierarchy:

  1. Company

  2. Location

  3. Department

A company is the overarching entity within SocialSchedules.

A location is the specific place where the work is taken out - for example, a restaurant address. A single company may have multiple locations (if on a Starter or Premium plan).

Each location can then be broken down into departments. Think of a department as a group of people who would be on the same schedule and managed by the same manager. There is no limit to the amount of departments you can create.

For example, a restaurant may have two departments:

  • Front of House

  • Back of House

Employees need to be added to their respective departments so they can be scheduled. Employees can be added to as many departments as applicable.

Each department will also need at least one manager. Departments managers are effectively those people who will create shifts, publish schedules, and make any changes that are applicable.

Each department's schedule can be viewed on the Scheduler.

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