Employees with the OpenSimSim Mobile App on their phone can see the entire weekly schedule which displays all shifts for all employees associated with that schedule.

Note: This weekly schedule view is only available from the Mobile App.


The default view for employees on initial login to OpenSimSim is the Schedule, where you will see a list of your shifts for the "current" week.

Note: You must enable orientation on your mobile device before you will be able to see the Weekly Schedule.

Simply rotate your phone from Portrait View to Landscape View and you will see the Weekly Schedule. To return to your shifts, simply reverse the process by rotating your phone back to Portrait View.

View from Responsive Desktop

The weekly view is not available to employees who access OpenSimSim from a computer. However, the "See Who Else Is On" feature is available. Click on a shift to open up another panel revealing additional shift details. Select "Everyone" to show a list of all employees working, regardless of the position worked. Select "My Position" to show only those employees working the same position as I am.

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