At the time of adding a new employee and inviting them to join OpenSimSim and connect with your company, you are able to update or change their First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address details. However, for privacy reasons, once the employee has connected to the company and activated their OpenSimSim account, the Employer will no longer be able to update these contact details, however they will remain visible. Any required changes to any of these details can only be performed by the employee.


Contact details updatable by the Employer only available prior to the Employee activating their OpenSimSim account and becoming connected to the Company.

Once the Employee is connected to the Company, their contact details are still visible to the Employer, however cannot be changed.

Exporting Contact Details

Contact details for employees can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Simply go to the Network page, (where you will see a list of your employees), and select the "Export Contact Details" icon in the top right of screen.

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