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Creating Split Shifts
Creating Split Shifts

Creating split shifts (or double) for an employee on a given day.

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On occasion you may have the need to schedule employees to work a split shift (or double) on a given day. Both shifts worked may be the same position, or different.


  1. From the Schedule View, select an Employee and a Day

  2. Create the first shift as normal by clicking in the cell, entering relevant shift details and then select "Create Shift" when done. The first shift is created.

  3. Click inside the first shift to bring up a sub-menu. Click on the "Add Shift" option. This opens up the Create Shift window.

  4. Create the second shift by entering the shift details and then select "Create Shift"

  5. Both shifts will now display. Note: Shift times cannot overlap.

First Shift Created

Click inside the first shift and then select the "Add Shift" option from menu

Second Shift Created. Split Shifts as Displayed


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