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Block days from time off requests
Block days from time off requests

Prevent employees from requesting time off on certain days

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Within the Scheduler, managers and administrators are able to block employees from requesting time off on specific days. For example, managers may want to prohibit employees from taking off their busiest days of the year, such as July 4th.

Permission requirements

  • Administrator access or Manager level access with the Manage Schedules permission for the department.

  • Starter or Premium plan

Blocking days from time off requests

At the top of the Scheduler, click the day you wish to block time off requests for.

By default, no days are blocked from time off requests.

To block a day, click the 'padlock' icon in the top righthand corner. The padlock will change to a 'locked' image. Note that you must click SAVE for the block to be implemented.

When you return to the Scheduler, a padlock icon will be displayed against the blocked days.

Submitting time off requests (employee)

If an employee tries to submit a time off request for a blocked day, they will not be able to.

An error message will be displayed upon submission of the time off request, One of the employers has blocked time off during this time.

Submitting time off requests (employer)

If a manager agrees (outside of the app) to an employee's request for time off on a blocked day, they are able to create a time off request on behalf of the employee. This can be done either in the desktop app or mobile app.

Creating the request as a manager / administrator will bypass the blocked days restriction, and the request can be approved.

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