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Offsite Addresses

Schedule your employees to work at a location which is different from your business location

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This feature supports customers who have a requirement to schedule staff to work at different locations away from their business location. 

Examples where this would be applied are:

  • A catering company who has a need to send their staff out to various events hosted at different venues.

  • A cleaning company who has a need to send their staff out to various commercial premises that can vary from week to week.

Premium Plan subscription or higher

Enable Offsite Address

This feature is enabled on an “as-needed” basis. Additionally, this can be applied on a “schedule-by-schedule” basis. Navigate to Scheduler > Schedule Settings > Enable Offsite Addresses

Assigning Offsite Address to Shift

Once the Offsite Address feature has been enabled for a Schedule, when a shift is created, an additional field will be visible where you can enter the address of the location that you want this shift to be worked at. When you start typing the Offsite Address, SocialSchedules will lookup the closest match using Google Maps. Additionally, you can rename the Offsite Address to something that is more relatable to you. Just click on the “name” link in the address field.

Information to Employees

Once the shift has been published, the employee will receive notification as normal. Offsite shifts are clearly indicated on the employees’ schedule. Additionally, the employee can tap on a shift to see more details, including the offsite address. Furthermore, by tapping on the address field for a particular offsite shift, SocialSchedules will display a map to the employee with the location highlighted.

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