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Requesting Time Off

Submit a time off request to your employer

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You can submit a request for time off to your employer through SocialSchedules. This can be performed from your Mobile Device (method for the majority of users) or Responsive Desktop via a web browser. Requesting annual leave for a vacation would be a typical scenario for using the time-off feature.

After you submit your request, it is placed in a "pending" state, awaiting a decision by your employer. Once approved or declined, you will receive appropriate notification of the outcome. Before submitting, you can also add a note to support your application. Full day and partial day requests are supported.

Requesting Time Off

Here is the process for requesting time off using the Mobile App on your phone.

When logged in to SocialSchedules, go to the More Menu > Time Off Requests.

The Time Off Dashboard lists all requests. Tap the relevant option to filter on a specific status. Click on "+" to initiate a new request, (bottom right icon).

"All Day" is set as the default, (majority of requests will be for a full day). Toggle this off if a partial day request is involved, for example, "I only need the afternoon off". Set the Start date/time and the End date/time. Additionally, add a note to support your application if desired, (this is optional).

You will also receive a push notification informing you that your time off request has been created successfully.

Your new request will display in a "Pending" state.

You will also receive a push notification informing you of the outcome as soon as your employer has made a decision, (approve or decline).

If you need to change a request, or it has been submitted in error, click on the Bin icon in the top-right of screen to delete the request. Alternatively, from the dashboard view, swipe left to reveal 'Delete' and confirm deletion once prompted to proceed.

Note: A request can only be deleted when it has a status of Pending. Approved and Declined time off requests cannot be deleted by employees; these can only be deleted by administrators or managers with the manage time off permission.

If a previously submitted request needs to be changed, you must delete the original request and submit a new request. A scenario here may be that dates have changed since the original request was submitted.

You cannot edit and re-submit an existing request.

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