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Perform a shift swap with colleagues

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Situations will arise where you are scheduled to work a shift, but discover that you are no longer able to. In this scenario, two conditions need to be met to allow you to find a colleague to swap a shift with. Firstly, the company must have a policy to allow shift swaps. Secondly, your employer must have granted you permission to perform a shift swap. When both of these conditions are met, a shift swap can be performed from a Mobile App (the majority of users) or from the Responsive Desktop via a web browser. The following process relates to performing a shift swap from the Mobile App.

Shift Swap Process

From the Schedule view, locate the shift that you cannot work.

Tap on the shift to reveal more details

Tap on Shift Swap option

Matching recipients and shifts returned in Search Results

Select recipients to receive invitation to swap

Swap is now pending and you are still responsible for working the shift until a shift swap is confirmed.

Shift wanting to swap has been amended with label (and badge changed to distinguish new status)

The invited recipient will receive a notification and they will see the following in their Schedule view

The recipient taps on the shift to see the details of the Shift Swap. Recipient clicks on "Accept Swap" or "Decline"

Shift Swap Recipient accepts shift swap and is now working Friday 12th May (previously Thursday 11th May)

Shift Swap Initiator is now working Thursday 11th May, (previously Friday 12th May)

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