Managing Workers

This article describes the features and functionality relating to setting individual worker attributes. From the Weekly or Daily View, click on the "Manage Workers" icon located on the top toolbar directly above the worker column.

Add Workers

This section allows employers to add one or more workers to a specific department from a listing of employees that are in the company network. Additionally, an existing worker in the department can be removed.

Furthermore, when the "Add a worker to Front of House" field is entered, there is an additional option to "Create New Worker". This takes the employer to a new screen where the new employee details are entered. An invitation to the employee will be sent by text message (if activating by mobile device) or Email (if activating by desktop computer).

Setting Employee Attributes

The section allows the setting of employee-related features and attributes. Navigate to the Edit Worker Account screen via the Scheduler, (default screen on open).

Personal Details - Basic employee information including, Name, Employee ID, Phone Number, Email Address, Agreed Daily Hours and Agreed Weekly Hours.

Positions & Pay Rates - List of Positions the employee can work and their individual pay rate (on a per hour basis). Additionally, the company position pay rate is shown.

Availability - List of Availability 'Sets', both 'Available' and 'Unavailable' for the employee. Each 'set' lists weekdays and times of the day which have been mutually agreed between the employer and the employee.

Compliance - The compliance ruleset the employee belongs to, including the start time of day for the employees workweek (Premium feature)

Certifications - certifications and/or training the employee is required to have to perform their role. Includes certificate expiry date and status, (Premium feature)

Access & Permissions - Assignment of access levels and permissions relevant to the employees' roles and responsibilities, Administrator, Manager or Employee (default).

Notes - free-format text for information specific to the employee. Only seen by Managers and Administrators.

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