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Schedule Templates

Expedite the schedule creation process by using schedule templates.

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Templates are patterns of shifts representing a scheduling period, (Weekly or Daily). You can create and save an unlimited number of templates to meet your business requirements. Once created, you can easily retrieve and re-apply a template to any future period as needed. Their use saves you time and significantly expedites the scheduling process. Examples of where you may create a template are: School Holidays where your business is typically busier than a normal week, or a Public Holiday, where this day is typically quieter than a normal day. 


From the Weekly or Daily Schedule view, click on “Save Template"

Enter a Template Name that is meaningful to you. Click on Save.



Access your Saved Templates as follows:

Weekly Templates:
1. Ensure you are on the Weekly Schedule View
2. Select “My Schedules” from the menu
3. Your Weekly Templates will be listed under the Templates tab

Daily Templates:
1. Ensure you are on the Daily Schedule View
2. Select “My Schedules” from the menu
3. Your Daily Templates will be listed under the Templates tab


Templates are “Imported” into a future Week or Day as required. 

1. Select a period to which a template will be applied (Weekly or Daily)

2. Access My Schedules/Templates

3. Choose the appropriate template

4. Click on the “Import” icon

5. Select “Import with shift notes”, if required

6. Select “Import with shift opportunities”, if required

7. Click “Yes” to begin import process.

Note: During the import process, SocialSchedules has the intelligence to identify, and alert you to, any shift conflicts. A shift conflict is the result of an employee not being available for a specific shift. In this scenario, you will be given two additional options, (1). remove the conflicting shift/s and import all remaining shifts from the template or (2). make the conflicting shift/s into opportunities, which can be later assigned to a specific employee, or advertised to all suitable employees with this skill, inviting them to apply if interested.

Hint: You may like to create separate weekly templates for each position that you schedule, eg: Server, Host, Bartender, etc. This has the advantage that you can create your weekly schedule “position by position”. Additionally, importing a Position template does not overwrite the shifts for other Positions that you may already have imported for that period.


Templates can be renamed and deleted. Templates cannot be edited. To reflect desired changes in an existing template, create and save as a new template, by performing the "create and save" process outlined above.

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