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Report - Employee Contact Tracing
Report - Employee Contact Tracing

View employees who have overlapping shifts during a select period

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This report lists employees who have worked shifts with a specified employee during a selected period.

Employees listed have worked a shift where there is at least a one-minute overlap with a shift worked by the selected employee.

Overlaps are calculated from actual timecards (of any status).


Administrator or a Manager with 'manage company network and worker profiles' sub-permission.

Access Report

Navigate to Location > Reports > Special Report > 'Employee Contact Tracing'

Date Selection

Select the desired date range using the calendar control. The default period is 14 days, including 'today'

Employee Selection

Click on Workers to see a list of employees who have worked at least one shift in the selected period.

Select the unwell employee. Only one employee can be selected at a time. Managers will only see employees who are associated with a schedule they manage.

Generate Report

Once an employee has been selected, a list is returned of employees who have worked at least one shift that overlaps with a shift worked by the selected employee.

Export Report

Report data is exportable to CSV. Click on the 'Export' button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The report is downloaded directly to your local machine.

Report Output

All shifts which meet the overlap definition are included in the export file, for all affected employees, and include the following attributes.

  1. Worker Name

  2. Worker Email Address

  3. Worker Phone Number

  4. Location

  5. Department

  6. Position

  7. Section

  8. Scheduled Shift Start Date/Time

  9. Scheduled Shift End Date/Time

  10. Timecard Start Date/Time

  11. Timecard End Date/Time

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