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ADP Workforce Timecard Export
ADP Workforce Timecard Export

Export timecard data for import into ADP Workforce

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OpenSimSim provides the ability to map data between OpenSimSim timecards and ADP Workforce. Once mappings are in place the CSV export of timecard data from OpenSimSim can be imported directly into ADP Workforce.


  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator or Manager with 'manage timecards' sub-permission

Timecards Dashboard > Export button > Export to > CSV (ADP Workforce)

Mappings between OpenSimSim and ADP Workforce

Please contact your ADP Workforce account representative to obtain the codes which are specific to your ADP Workforce account.

Mapping is typically a one-time exercise on initial setup, which is retained once set. Changes may be subsequently required, however this should be infrequent.

Map the following high-level sections;

  1. OSS Company to ADP Company Code

  2. OSS Department to ADP Department Code

  3. OSS Compliance Rules to ADP Earning Codes

  4. OSS Positions to ADP Position Codes

Export CSV file

Once mappings have been created, click 'Export' to generate the ADP Workforce file.

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