Once connected to your Shift4 POS, OpenSimSim will retrieve your sales history and use that data to:

  • Forecast your future sales¬†

  • Show you your labor costs against your actual sales


  1. Administrator access

  2. Existing OpenSimSim Account

  3. Your Shift4 Account Login

Main Menu (Location) > Integrations > POS

Connect to Shift4 POS

Click on the link icon associated with your particular Shift4 POS.

You will be automatically re-directed to the Shift4 Payments login screen. Login to your account using your Shift4 credentials. 

Once logged in select 'Marketplace'

Click on OpenSimSim 'View Details'

Click on 'Install' to begin the integration process.

On completion, you are re-directed to the OpenSimSim integration screen where you will see the status has changed to 'connected'

Disconnect from Shift4 POS
You can disconnect from your Shift4 POS account at any time by first clicking on the connection type to reveal connection details specific to your account. Once displayed, click on the 'Disconnect' link. Disconnecting will stop the flow of sales data to OpenSimSim, resulting in no sales forecasting being performed. Additionally, you have the option to purge all historical sales history from OpenSimSim.

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