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Manage Time Off Requests - Mobile App
Manage Time Off Requests - Mobile App

Manage requests submitted by your employees

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The time off feature allows employees to submit requests to their employer. After review the employer can approve or decline, based on business requirements.

Accessing Time Off

When logged in to SocialSchedules under your employer profile, navigate to More Menu > Time Off Requests.

As a Schedule Manager, you will receive a notification when an employee submits a time off request.

The Time Off Dashboard lists all requests. Tap the relevant option to filter on a specific status. To quickly identify requests that require decisioning, filter on 'Pending'

Sort requests by Date Requested or Date of Time Off

Select a Pending request to reveal details. Decision by selecting Approve or Decline.

Where the requested dates impact existing published and draft shifts for the employee, these shift details are displayed by tapping on the 'shifts' hyperlink.

Where the requested dates have also been requested by other employees, these employees are displayed by tapping on the 'workers' hyperlink. Additionally, the employee will also show here if they have previous requests for those dates.

Once a requested has been Approved, you have the option of changing the status to Declined. Additionally, you can choose to Delete the request. To reveal these options, tap on the 'vertical dots' icon in the top right of the screen when in the details screen.

To delete a request from the dashboard view, swipe left to reveal 'Delete' and confirm deletion once prompted to proceed.

On occasion you may need to create a time off request on behalf of an employee. A typical scenario is when an employee approaches the employer at the last minute with an urgent request, which was not foreseen and cannot be prevented.

From the timecard dashboard, click on "+" to initiate a new request.

Once the request has been created on behalf of the employee, you are given the opportunity to review the request prior to Approving. This extends to identifying other employees who have pending or approved time off for one or more dates requested.

Once the request has been reviewed, select 'approve' to finalise. The employee will receive a notification the request has been approved.

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