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Mobile - Touch ID and Face ID

Expedite the login process to your account

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Use the Touch ID or Face ID feature on supported smartphone devices to login to your SocialSchedules account without needing to enter your mobile number and password.


Smartphone device that supports Touch ID (iOS and Android) or Face ID (iOS)

Set Up Process

  1. Launch the Mobile App.

  2. Enter your mobile number and password to login as normal.

  3. You will receive a popup inviting you to Activate Touch ID.

  4. Tap on 'Activate Touch ID' and follow the prompts.

Message prompt to activate Touch ID (example iOS)

Message on successful setup (example iOS)

Message if no fingerprint registered (example iOS)

Login Process

  1. With Touch ID authentication enabled, launch the mobile app.

  2. At the prompt, tap the 'Home' button with the registered fingerprint/s.

  3. You will be taken into your account.

Disable Touch ID

You can revert back to entering your mobile number and password to log in.

  1. Whilst logged in, go to More Menu > Account Settings > Account Security.

  2. Switch the Touch ID slider to 'Off'

  3. Logout and log back in.


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